Saturday, March 7, 2015

Go Scottsdale!

Are You as Smart as a Scottsdale Basis Middle Schooler?

Congratulations to Scottsdale students Jack Day, Vishesh Amin, Saaketh Narayan, Gokul Karthikeyan and Nishant Kannan.  They were the champions of the Arizona Middle School Science Bowl.  A special congratulations and thanks goes out to Jack…well for just being Jack.


Grammi Faith said...

Jack's is the only name I could read.

commoncents said...

Video: Scott Walker speaks in Concord, NH:

ps. Link Exchange with CC?

LL said...

I hardly ever go into Starbucks but had to meet a guy there. The metrosexual negro at the counter wanted to talk about you. I explained that I have no idea where you are - on TDY, in the Big Apple or headed for some resident agent paradise.

I'm just reporting the encounter.

Race Bannon said...

Scouting out possible RA paradises in the Great Northwest…Obama was in a Starbucks?