Saturday, May 16, 2015


NFL Plans to Change Football Handling Guidelines

A popular comedian once said that he was in favor of steroid use in professional sports.  At the prices they charge for games, we want to see the biggest, fastest, strongest freaks possible.

While I don't agree, I get the point.

So much has been said about Tom Brady and the under-inflated footballs.  The answer is right under their noses.  Are the Patriots your team? Me neither.  Do you wish Tom Brady had been drafted by your team? Me too (he was skipped by every team, several times*).  Do you want the quarterback of your team to be more like Tom Brady?  THEN CHANGE THE RULE AND ALLOW THE BALLS TO HAVE 10 pounds of pressure per square inch instead of 12.5.

This will not turn Tony Romo into Tom Brady…but maybe

Each team already uses separate balls, and that is not only allowed - it is the rule.  Why? Because they like them different ways.  Kickers already use different balls than are used for the regular plays, and that is not only allowed - it is the rule.  Why? Because the like them different ways.

Fans want to see the best game possible - having the quarterback grip the ball the way he likes it, and throw more accurately is a good thing.


*  In 2000, the year Tom Brady was drafted, Troy Aikman was in his last year in the NFL and Michael Irvin was gone.  That year, the Dallas Cowboys drafted Dwayne Goodrich, Kareem Larrimore, Michael Wiley and Mario Edwards in front of Tom Brady.  Who are they?  I have no idea, and neither does Jerry Jones.


LL said...

I see it the same way. If an under-inflated football throws better, let everyone use under-inflated footballs. Who cares? There is a sweet spot where they won't throw better...if they have no air in them. I don't know where that spot is, and I don't care.

The problem with all professional sports is that they are fueled by gambling. It skews everything. However, professional sports were skewed by gambling since the Roman chariot races and since two Jews were sitting on the sidelines betting whether David would slay Goliath -- so I don't care about that either.

Fixed horse races are a cliche. And boxing? Don't get me started -- just don't. So a slightly deflated football is not something to be obsessed about, unless you lost money on the Superbowl while gambling.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

What's the big deal. Didn't both teams use the same balls?