Monday, November 9, 2015

How Did I Get Here...

I was searching You Tube for ideas for a workout for today, then clicked on a free speech video…and ended up at the one below (I like videos where they draw cartoons to make the point…not sure why).  But how did we become such a BIG-GOVERNMENT anti-entrepreneur country? Who are these people that pass these laws?  We should have a law against passing bad laws...

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LL said...

We had some of these problems before the ObamaNation, but it's only gotten worse. I had a run-in similar to "Chuck's" in the city where I live. I received a threatening letter, demanding city business tax. I do consulting but none of it is done in the city where I live. I tossed it. The next letter was more strident. I tossed it too. The third letter threatened certain prosecution.

I trundled down to City Hall, went to city business licensing and asked to be arraigned so that we could get on with the mess. The people there were aghast. They said that all they wanted were fees/taxes. I explained that I had a high degree of confidence that they would lose. I asked for my arraignment date again. They hummed and hawed.

They put me on the 'exempt' list.

Essentially they are running a scam. The state takes three years to get them tax records of people who claim to have a home business. There is a one-year statue of limitations on misdemeanors.

Problem not solved - but solved for me. Most people fear the government and just pay up.