Thursday, December 22, 2016

Popular Update...

The Left will not drop the "popular vote" victory by Hillary.  It is a fact that she received more votes (as Mrs. Bannon would say - despite the fact that we know every election they DO find voter fraud in the way of dead people voting, entire boxes of ballots filled out in one handwriting, etc.).

However, the Left can not decide if they want to scrap the Electoral College because they think it had something to do with slavery, or that the Electoral College was a product of the genius of Alexander Hamilton, whom they now love because he is a black musical on Broadway, and electors should not cast their ballots for Trump because the Left wants Hillary (the logic of that argument escapes me).

Either way she received more votes, and the Right would be claiming the same thing (though I believe with less tears) if the roles were reversed, and, none of it matters.

Part of the genius of the Electoral College is that it apportions the voting according to the states - so that while a populous state DOES have influence in relation to it's greater population, it does not overwhelm the influence of the smaller states. We are a Republic.

It is worth noting...(drum roll please)...that if you remove San Francisco and Los Angeles Counties and 4 of the 5 boroughs of New York City...Trump wins the national popular vote.  Not by a lot, but it points out the lunacy of Hillary's claim to be the choice of the people nation wide.

Nation Wide Popular Vote Totals
"The Left always wants to change the rules
 after the game has started...bigly"

Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump

Liberal Nests Popular Vote Totals

Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump
San Francisco
LA County


Remove those counties and Trump wins 61,959,296 to 61,736,038, a victory by 223,258 votes.

The Right must, and I believe does, acknowledge that Hillary received more votes than Trump, but the Left must acknowledge that it does not matter...


LL said...

New hashtag: #whitevotesmatter ???

That's just to make progressive heads explode. The truth is that Trump did better with minorities than Republicans have done in the past and he received more primary votes than any other Republican in history. Part of that is because he's a Trumpian, and not a true Republican ideologue. All of the never Trump people need to take a 'come to Jesus' moment and consider what the Trump cabinet looks like and at the policies that he's pursuing. Not what the corrupt elite media would tell you but what is genuinely happening. Then they need to flush their filthy sewer mouths out for all the bad things they said.

The progs are terrified that he will "Make America Great Again" - and there goes the grievance-based voting block. Jobs in the inner cities would ruin the cycle of dependence that has made the Democrat Party what it is. A closed border reduces the flow of Democrat voters who flood in and can vote whether or not they're citizens.

LindaG said...

The fact that California allows illegals to vote would negate most of Killary's advantage.
And the fact that Obummer got elected twice with not much of a noise from conservatives (other than the birth certificate thing, which doesn't matter much at this point), proves that conservatives do not do the same things as liberals.
Were all the absentee ballots ever counted??

They need to get over it!

Euripides said...

The left is against anything that stands in their way of power. If the situation was reversed, the left would cling to the Electoral College like poop on a diaper.

And let's not forget how many state governors and state legislatures the left lost this time around. I'm hoping that the people of the US are waking up to what a terrible snow job Obama has handed them.

LindaG said...

I just wish one of them had been Louisiana. Instead we have Dem Edwards.