Wednesday, March 29, 2017

We Are Living In The Bizarro World...

Sanctuary Cities are filing in Federal Court asking to be able to ignore Federal Law.

California (after similar charges were thrown out in Texas) is charging investigative journalists with filming Planned Parenthood employees admitting they sell baby parts.

Ted Koppel says Sean Hannity, who sells his opinion, is bad for America because lots of people like him.

...and now this.

First it was leaked that conversations between future National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and the Russian Ambassador were intercepted and recorded.

Then President Trump tweeted this:

Congress had hearings over this Tweet (while they still needed more time to come up with a repeal of Obamacare) - the FBI Director and Congress discussed on national television if Obama actually did the tapping, or the ordering, as if Trump had just produced an affidavit of fact...rather than a Tweet. Completely ignoring the fact that the Flynn affair was already public. Am I the only one that believes Trump was referring to these recordings?

Now this:

No hearings on this. It is PERFECTLY NORMAL for the outgoing administration to change the rules, and leak foreign counter-intelligence informaiton. She is on MSNBC bragging about this, because the Republicans are not going after leakers, or the use of foreign counter-intelligence information for political purposes - instead they are going after Trump over a Tweet.

Earlier in the above video they discussed that the Congress may force the IRS to provide Trump's tax returns because they may reveal that he may have received money from the Russians. Whether he did or not, he was elected President, and you can't change that. Obama lied about his connection to Bill Ayers and the depth of his relationship with America-Hating Jeremiah Wright, and the guy he bought his house from at a HUGE discount while a senator, subsequently went to prison for bribing public officials - but he was still elected President, and there was nothing anybody could do about it.

But that is not all in our BIZARRO NEWS. Less than a year after the FBI said that while Hillary Clinton violated the law in her mishandling of classified information (while lying to the American public on numerous occasions about it) two staffers for Chris Christie were sentenced to prison for pulling a prank by closing a lane on a bridge.

I'm calling shenanigans!

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LL said...

Chris Christy's staffer wasn't a prog. Regular folks are subject to laws. Special people are not and I'm not saying "special" as in "Special Olympics" (though that might apply too). Politically correct people, people with a grievance, people who change genders (or races) daily and Democrats are above the law. That's the message that springs from the Ministry of Truth every day.

The government isn't precisely doing away with the law so much as it is 'setting people above it'.

The Democrats/Progs/etc. scream and rant and the News media covers their antics as legitimate. A Republican makes a statement and he is one of Satan's legion.

It's a circus and a very profoundly sad circus, because this is what the republic has become.

The Gorsich hearings were instructive since the Dems wanted to know about the judge's principles. He explained that judges had precedent, not "personal principles" when making decisions. The Dems found that answer confusing.

sic transit gloria mundi