Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Anything for Power...


In the real world, this doesn't even make sense. Here are the facts as we know them:

1) The Republican candidate is Sandoval.

2) A reporter said that Sandoval said, "My children don't look Hispanic."

3) Reid, the Democrat (who is behind in the polls) said it "raises all manner of questions about Sandoval's character and sensitivity. It's the equivalent of saying, you know, 'I'm not too concerned about schools because ... I don't have any kids in public school'."

Sandoval may be of Hispanic origin. Nobody really knows what "Hispanic origin" is. So his ancestors were from the region now occupied by Spain, but they left before Spain became a country (or they would be of Spanish origin), and went nowhere we can identify with a current country (or they would be of Mexican origin, or Peruvian origin, etc.).

This comment, which is not documented anywhere that can be found - is offensive to the Nevada Democratic Party, so much so that they issued a statement calling it a national embarrassment. Are all candidates required to have children that look...Hispanic? Well, it helps.

The alleged question asked of Sandoval was something to the effect of 'How would you like it if your kids were pulled over by a police officer in Arizona and asked for their papers?' Sandoval is quoted by somebody as having said, "My kids don't look Hispanic." If that was his answer, he is a lame politician. His answer should have been, "If they are driving, they should have identification with them." He should get 'real' with the reporter - "What did they get pulled over for?" Because in the real world, people get pulled over for a reason. When they don't, police officers get fired, and sued, and sometimes charged with violating a person's civil rights. It's called the 4th Amendment, and it was around long before SB 1070.

Stick with the facts. Slow down, listen to the question, and answer it.

Worse yet is Reid's comment. The article mentioned that Reid is trying to paint Sandoval as anti-education. Isn't this just like politics today. Reid is EXACTLY like his father. Anti-education? Instead of debating the merits of the arguments for or against the Arizona law, or Sandoval's stance on education (which I hope is 'Get the Federal Government OUT!'), he takes the statement of "My kids don't look Hispanic," and converts it into "He doesn't care about schools."

I get the fact that all of our kids should look Hispanic. That makes sense. But what I don't get, is why anybody would chose to vote for Reid...


Patti said...

I don't get what is wrong with the statement in the first place. My kids don't look Hispanic either.

Race Bannon said...

Well then, how would you like it if your kids were pulled over in Iceland? 'My kids don't look nordic?' ain't gonna fly! 'cept for the freckles...

innominatus said...

When the Reids have a family reunion, are there any attendees who aren't blatant lying weasels?