Saturday, August 14, 2010

Run Alvin Run...

...there are many important things going on - the Mosque at Ground Zero (and the amazing fact that all news blogs today are leading with Obama's support for it. He has put his foot in his mouth to what seems like no avail many times, but this one may stick through November...of 2012!), then there is THIS ARTICLE about how the Jihadists are at work in our midst...

...but I found THIS ONE too interesting to pass up.

I remember hearing about it after the South Carolina primaries. Here are the bullets. Jim DeMint is the big-time Republican Senator running for re-election. There was a Democratic primary, in which a no-name won. He had no money, didn't campaign, etc. Oh, and he is black. Immediately, the Democrat Party claimed the Republicans had played dirty tricks to get this weirdo to win. Oh, with no evidence at all, just his victory. Republicans then brought the race card (you didn't think they had one did you?) and said the Democrats just didn't want a black candidate (I like to see the lefties get what they give, but I could have done without that).

Now, he is facing obscure criminal charges. Read what he is accused of. We could fill the jails with jerks if that were actually a crime!? There is NO DOUBT the Democrats are behind his charges. And the comment from the party that "It will be impossible for Mr. Greene to address his legal issues and run a statewide campaign..." Why? All the other Democrats and Republicans do it all the time?

My favorite story is this: The article points out that "Last month, Greene gave his first public speech, a 6 1/2-minute recitation of his previous comments and commitment to jobs and education." Oh, kind of like all politicians, he repeats lame titles to ideas, rather than actual ideas and details.

HERE IS AN INTERVIEW Nothing great, just a guy in his t-shirt, running for the US Senate.

I looked, but I can't find video or audio of his suggestion that "In one interview, he suggested that the state's economy could be improved by making and selling action figures depicting him in his uniform."

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