Monday, October 18, 2010

No, you are!

...for during most of President Bush's years in office, he was called (among other things) 'stubborn' by the media and the left (I know, I know). Not withstanding BDS, no matter the issue, when Bush was 'for' what he was 'for' it was because he was stubborn.

Now you have Democrats running against Obama, and the Democrat controlled congress ends the session without voting on the Bush tax cuts. Why? If they are right, and really believe that America will benefit from letting the Bush tax cuts expire, why wouldn't they want to add it to all their wonderful accomplishments?

So, Obama lets Congress adjourn, and then campaigns against the Bush tax cuts. Even if, as Senator Barbara Boxer claims:

BARBARA BOXER: "...a third of the stim was tax cuts and it was considered the biggest tax cut in history over a couple of year period."

WOLF BLITZER: "All right. Let's get into some other issues..."

...I guarantee, you won't hear the word "stubborn" in the media, until HE is out of office...

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M. Moore said...

Listen, there's standing for your principles, and then there's standing for conservative principles. Two waaaay different things.