Friday, October 8, 2010

But of Course...

...its not birdflu, its not swineflue, its, SuperObama.

Yes, it has happened again. People fainting at an Obama rally.

Dozens Fall Ill at Obama Rally in Maryland

...and again Obama to the rescue, interrupting his speech to ask, "Can we get a medic up here?"

I blogged about it last time HERE. But this time it was dozens of people. (Now, I do admit that I start to get a little nauseous when I here him speak, but I think there is something to this). I now believe that this is 50% staged and 50% that these people have put it in their mind that he is a living legend. Look at the posters they have of him, the books, its creepy.

After Rolling Stone magazine does Obama's dirty work by exposing McChristal's views, after being granted CRAZY access to military personnel in theatre, they are rewarded by Obama with an interview just in time for November elections.

Most fainters won't even read the article, which I'm sure is right in line with the other article mentioned on the cover, "The Truth about the Tea Party." All they see is "Obama Fights Back," and they start to get weak in the knees

The first question posed in the article is:
"When you came into office, you felt you would be able to work with the other side. When did you realize that the Republicans had abandoned any real effort to work with you and create bipartisan policy? "

I won't reprint his answer, as you too may faint, but here is his answer to the second question. Wait, sit down, get a warm cloth and a bucket:

"I don't think it's a shock. I had served in the United States Senate; I had seen how the filibuster had become a routine tool to slow things down, as opposed to what it used to be, which was a selective tool — although often a very destructive one, because it was typically targeted at civil rights and the aspirations of African-Americans who were trying to be freed up from Jim Crow. But I'd been in the Senate long enough to know that the machinery there was breaking down. "

He'd been in the "Senate long enough..." 2 years in the Senate before beginning his campaign for President.

The filibuster used to be used during Jim Crow? Lets go back to 2005. The year he started! Remember "the nuclear option?" That wasn't about Iran, Mr President, that was trying to stop the ridiculous filibustering by DEMOCRATS of judges nominated by President Bush.

Oh, wait, you weren't doing anything in the Senate, so how would you know...

I see that he didn't say it was Republicans, but he left out the part that it was Democrats. Tell a lie enough...

I wonder if he mentioned John Boehner's proposals to fix such activity in the House? Probably not.

Somebody needs to put a boot the back of the neck of this this:


Josiah said...

I for one find that cover hilarious.

"Obama Fights Back."
...Against what? Or who? A massive majority in both houses of Congress? The majority of voters who elected him? An almost unanimous backing from the media? You can't play the underdog card when you have all the power and all the popularity.

"The Truth about the Tea Party."
Again, who are you fighting against? Your headline implies that a lot of un-truths are being thrown around by those with power to do so, and you're here to set those liars straight. ...Aren't you the ones with the platform to speak? You can't blame 'the media,' when you ARE the media. The guy with the megaphone can't complain that the mime won't quiet down.

Patti said...

BUT- he's gay!! I mean, he's gay- he's blind!!

Just felt like saying that.