Friday, September 16, 2011


...I don't know this messenger, but what a great message (video below)

Until I moved back east, I didn't really understand "inner cities" problems.  It seemed to me, out west, even the bad areas are better than back here.  And if you are in a bad neighborhood, whether you live it it, or are just driving through, to 'escape', you can go in any direction a few blocks and its all better.  Also, in many homes, the people inside those neighborhoods, look just like the people a few blocks away.

(LA is bad too, but maybe it just seems better because its sunny?) ain't like that back here.

I work in the inner cities.  Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Newark, Atlantic City, Philadelphia.  They are all different.  Some not as bad.  But each has neighborhoods of massive housing project.  "The projects."  The Government traps these people in there.  It offers free, or heavily subsidized rent.  It offers them welfare that comes on a credit card, instead of jobs.  It offers them free job training over and over again, as if any of us with jobs got them because we were pre-trained.  It offers them free schooling - no matter what your grades.

It sucks the life out of them...the drive to succeed. 

The free schooling sounds great, but in my experience it is another part of the trap.  Its extremely hard to go back to school, at nights, at your own expense, to improve yourself.  But that is the key, you are improving yourself.  When somebody else is paying the bill, you can drop it anytime you want.  And that is what happens.  Its an excuse to a probation or parole officer as to why you don't work.

...not to mention - there are no grocery stores in these cities, but there is alot of fast food.

These people are trapped.  The drug dealers even call their work and where they sell it - "the trap."  Because they know, there is no escape...

h/t American Perspective


Mrs. Bannon said...

I am praying this becomes a powerful movement like the Tea Party!!! How awesome!!

LL said...

The concept of "The Projects" seems to be based around the concept of "keeping the blacks on a plantation" where they are being reared as Democratic Party voters. The Projects in Los Angeles and in the Western US, such as they are, were never as viral as they are in the East. You could call them de facto gulags, and I couldn't disagree.

It's a "progressive's dream".