Monday, January 2, 2012

They Should Make a Law...

...against killing people.  Like, "It is henceforth illegal to kill another human being.*"  That will solve everything.

Police Believe Body Found is Gunman Sought in Mount Rainier National Park Ranger Shooting

See, if there was a law, Park Ranger Margaret Anderson might be alive today.  The laws that were broken in this case, were not enough :

 - The "Gunman" had a Restraining Order against him, which (should) prohibit him from possessing firearms.

- The "Gunman" was wanted by police as a suspect in the shooting of four people at a New Years Eve party (illegal, even at a New Year's Eve party).

- The "Gunman" entered the park and sped past a vehicle checkpoint.  After the road was blocked by Anderson, the "Gunman" fled his vehicle, and fired shots at Anderson, striking and killing her.

"It has been legal for people to take loaded firearms into Mount Rainier since 2010, when a federal law went into effect that made possession of firearms in national parks subject to state gun laws.

Bill Wade, the outgoing chair of the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees, said Congress should be regretting its decision to allow loaded weapons in national parks. He called Sunday's fatal shooting a tragedy that could have been prevented. He hopes Congress will reconsider the law that took effect in early 2010, but doubts that will happen in today's political climate."

See, if there was a law, and a sign at the entrance to the park, the "Gunman" would have been forced to realize he was breaking a law by entering the park with the gun, and would have been forced to go somewhere else, and everybody would have lived happily ever after.

I know, I know, the sign wouldn't have stopped him.  But another charge of "Possessing a Firearm in the Forest" on top of my proposed "Don't Kill People" law, would really put another nail in his coffin.

Oh, and all the un-armed people out in nature at the time the "Gunman" entered the park - they would be safe in the knowledge that the "Gunman" was going to be looking at an additional stiff fine if he killed them and their children...

*Of course, we have to define 'human being', like, 'as in a person who is out of the womb for 26 consecutive years and off their parents insurance' - or something like that.


LL said...

Or if they were all armed, they (those unarmed people who were wandering in the woods) could have practiced a little retroactive birth control on the gunman.

Line from move: The Unforgiven -- "I can't believe that you just shot an unarmed man."

"He should have armed himself."

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I feel safer already.

Mrs. K said...

Great, now I have to worry about if some armed psycho is stalking me while I am geochaching in the woods or in some State Park.

BTW we placed our RV TB (travel bug) on 1/1/12 and it was picked up on 1/2/12 by some RVer's who have found over 6285 caches in over 40 states and around the world. They have a basset hound named Henry. I know, I know, I digressed but just had to tell you I was excited and said more than "oh neat".