Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why Newt Won..., it wasn't my endorsement.  But I'm sure that helped :)

Despite Newt's lame attacks on Romney's use of the Free Market...Newt won because he stood up to John King, and answered Juan Williams forcefully, but not because, as most of the media is reporting, "he stood up to the liberal media," (read the article, Mr. Limbaugh got it mostly right...which is what his brother has been saying for months) Newt won BIG because Republican voters want to vote for somebody who stands up for conservative beliefs, not just mentions them, but actually fights for them - and while Mitt might espouse them regularly, Newt seemed proud to say, when questioned, 'your derned right I meant what I said - Obama thinks food stamps for parents is the answer, I think hard jobs for highschool kids is the answer.'

Many (of you) think Newt can't win against Obama, that may be true, but that is ONLY true if Newt Newt did late in Iowa, and throughout New Hampshire. 

...think about it, if you had not really decided yet in the three man race (sorry Mr. Paul), and you saw Newt challenging the premise of questions, giving STRONG answers to our problems and standing up to the questions, as opposed to Romney not doing well in defending himself about making money and paying taxes - how could you vote for a guy who won't defend himself when he is clearly right, when Newt is on the same stage pounding the liberal questioners.

I made my choice for Newt when he did this last year:

Newt may not win, and if he can't beat Romney, than he probably can't beat Obama - it is a popularity contest - but he got my vote...


LL said...

Newt had experience that Romney doesn't.

Newt also has 'baggage' that Romney doesn't. One can make of that what one will.

Romney has won so far by not losing and by walking a strict 'middle line'. He wasn't out on the village green with the Tea Party and he is taking as few political risks as possible. NONE of us know what sort of president he'd be.

Having said that, Newt is a politician, but not a shrewd politician (in the Romney style). I don't know which would make a better president.

There was no shrewder politician in America than Abraham Lincoln - so sometimes that's what you need. Newt is more of a bull in a china shop and sometimes that's what you need.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Go Newty!

Mrs. K said...

Seems to me Newt is not luke warm and not a fence sitter. He doesn't preach what the people want to hear to get votes. He speaks his mind. I like Newt!

The Conservative Lady said...

That's a great clip of Newt smacking down a smug, liberal Obama boot licker. He can certainly articulate conservatism (as I mentioned in my post) and Rush is right, he better put that conservative suit on and leave it on if he expects to win. Unfortunately, Newt is only time will tell.
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