Saturday, December 1, 2012

Liberty Fading...

The Fall of 2012 will mark not a turning point, but a waypoint on a journey towards...well who knows at this point.  Socialism?  No, we will never go that far.  Worse, we are destroying the best free place on  Earth, by eroding our freedoms and empowering and growing our government bit by bit, little by little, and those freedoms that have been secured over two centuries, will not be returned easily.

As it is, the young in this country live under the comfort and security of what was created and secured by previous generations, and they think it should, and can, change into something better - but by changing it, they are jeopardizing the very thing that gave them the freedom to choose something else.

Yes, we are eroding Liberty.  It has been weakened, and who knows when it will improve.  The liberties secured by our founding have been eroded at the base.  The words of the Constitution have lost their meaning.  What was a not just a symbol to the world, but a reality to be lived and seen, may not be available to future generations.

If you visit Liberty Island, you will see the LARGE portion of visitors - are from other countries.

Statue of Liberty to remain closed indefinitely due to damage on Liberty Island

NEW YORK — The Statue of Liberty survived Superstorm Sandy with every crown spike in place, but its surrounding island was so badly damaged that the National Park Service doesn’t know when the beloved tourist attraction will reopen or how much repairs will cost.
A tour of Liberty Island on Friday showed broken railings, torn-up paving stones, damaged equipment and flood-wrecked buildings....

That too.


LL said...

That's one heck of a metaphor for the nation.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Finally the left was able to shut down the Statue of Liberty.

innominatus said...

A long time ago, I had a really vivid dream. It was really cool, and once in a while I try to review it in my brain while I'm awake.

In this dream, I was somehow talking to Benjamin Franklin. He was with me here in the present day. He was fascinated by our technology, and wanted to know everything about how we got there. I'd try to explain to him how a computer worked, which would require an explanation of the power grid, which would require an explanation of power generation, which would require an explanation of ... until we were back to talking about stuff like steam engines and crude oil.

If that same dream happened today, I think ol' Ben would break into tears about what has happened to our property rights and liberties.

Race Bannon said...

He would say, "I thought they prevented all this, with the adoption of the Constitution."