Saturday, December 15, 2012

Yes, I am Pro Choice...

...I believe teachers, pilots and all free citizens should be able to choose to arm themselves, or not.

The horrible events in Tucson, AZ, Aurora, CO, and Newton, CT have something in common - mentally disturbed individuals who were not being treated correctly.  No gun law would have prevented what a strong, active family could have.  In our effort to treat people as normal, when they are not, we fail them, and there are consequences.

...I believe parents should be able to choose what schools to send their children to.

And tax dollars spent on education should follow.  To include home schoolers. When I disagree with the curricula, methods, results and general dysfunction of the school down the street, why can't I reward the BETTER school in the next neighborhood over.  Students, teachers and parents will follow the money, and the system will adapt to the will of the community, rather than the opposite.

...I believe citizens should be able to choose whether or not to purchase health insurance, and employers should be able to choose to offer health insurance.

Health insurance is not health care. Just one of the unintended consequences of the Obama mandate will be low quality, cheap insurance which qualifies under the law, is only purchased by the poor, and further lowers their quality of life.  Twenty years ago, anybody reading this part would wonder why I would even declare this (...and wonder how my words got on their computer when Al Gore was just beginning his work on creating the Internet).

...oh, and I believe life begins at conception.


LL said...

Race, you're not from the East Coast, are you??? It shows. You red-staters are all the same.

There are two Americas. One is ours. One is theirs. And the difference has never been so starkly disturbing.

The pro-choice (pro-death) crowd glory in their abominations, the statists want to control everything that we do - and everything we think and would feel much more comfortable if the law abiding were completely disarmed and put at the mercy of the lawless. All Blue State hallmarks.

Mrs. K said...

My son, you make me proud!!!!

Tyler Rice said...

The shootings have something else thing in common. Two of them (if not all three) were done in places with No concealed weapons rules. (I'm a little fuzzy on the Tuscon AZ one) Coincidence? Maybe... but probably not. If that teacher had a weapon or the principle or someone in that theater, then maybe some people would be alive today.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

All liberals want is choice ... And that means choosing for you.