Monday, April 22, 2013

Just Call the Police...

...You'd probably be dead anyway, says US Rep. Diana DeGette.

Read:  And How Many Bullets Do You Need? by Jim Yardly

Yardly points out that numerous trained police officers fired over 200 rounds at "Suspect #1" before he went down.  Compare that to proposed legislation attempting to limit the legal capacity of magazines (the thing that holds the bullets) of non-police officers to under 10.

Simply put, and this is the part THEY don't get, the terrorists would like that law in effect.

It should be noted that the terrorists car-jacked a citizen (unarmed, I'm sure) to acquire one of their 'get-away' vehicles, and Suspect #2 was on the loose for a day in residential neighborhoods, ultimately being found hiding on somebody's private property - and it was the property owner/citizen that FIRST encountered him.

Why would anybody need more than 10 rounds in a magazine? Ask the trained police officers mentioned above.

Why would anybody need a rifle with a pistol grip, extendable stock or flashlight attached?  Those things only do one thing - make the weapon easier to shoot accurately.

What are the chances that a heavily armed terrorist comes to your house? Ask the citizens of Watertown, MA.

"You'd probably be dead anyway..."

"Just call the police," says US Congresswomen Diana DeGette.

Yardly says in the article that the police officers practice at least weekly.  Sadly, I'll bet most of the police officers involved in the shootout with the terrorists train less than 4 times a year.  Go to your local shooting range.  You will see all types of CITIZENS training.  Some of them need to train more.  Some of want in your neighborhood.

Heavily armed FBI HRT Operators...and one slightly overweight bomb tech from the mountains of Arizona.


LL said...

Interrogative: Why wear camo/green and have FBI on your back in chest in yellow 4" block letters? (photo of the HRT guys and the AZ bomb tech)

America has a tradition of personal freedom that most nations don't either enjoy or understand. The Bill of Rights defines (and the Supreme Court clarifies) most of the rules that guide those freedoms. The Second Amendment is not the cornerstone of those freedoms, but it (along with the entire Bill of Rights) forms the foundation that they rest on.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

If I call the police now, when would they get here? Oh, mine come from 15 minutes away.

Anonymous said...
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LL said...

It would seem that you've been invaded by spammers.

Race Bannon said...

I get them all the time in my email, they don't usually make it to get posted...

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