Saturday, April 20, 2013

Media myth...

Are you following closely the events in Boston?  It is the latest demonstration of our 24/7 News coverage.  It's actually 24/7 x the number of news outlets.  I woke up around midnight the night this all started.  I turned on the News and found out that an MIT Police Officer had been shot.  Then it came out that the police were in pursuit of the suspect(s).  It was not known at the time (by media reports) if the events were related to the Marathon Bombing.  I remember thinking that if it was related - there may be more than the two suspects, and this could be much worse than the 'lone bombers' that I suspected, as in the attacks in London and Spain.

Standard issue raid jackets, 5.11s and haircuts
I was glued to the TV from that point (I did have to pack a little, make travel arrangements, and read dozens of emails, but I mostly just stood-by while I was standing-by).  If you watched TV at all, you could not help but see dozens, if not hundreds, of law enforcement officers and agents tripping all over themselves and the media.

[ If you ever wonder what it looks like inside a "Command Post," or in the local Police Department, or the FBI during an event like this...just turn on your TV, because they are watching the same thing!  The
difference - some of the people on the TV screen are in contact with the "Command Post," so the information comes in a little less filtered. And some are asking, "Do I look fat in my raid jacket?"]

Even with 24/7 coverage, I have questions:

 - Did the brothers rob that convenient store or not?

 - If the older suspect is married - where is she? Why are high school friends on every channel, but not her?

 - How did the younger brother escape the fire fight where his brother was killed?  (As it turns out, he was bloody and injured, likely sweating  - how did a K9 not track him from the vehicle?)

 - Did the suspect open fire from the boat where he was hiding?  Shots were fired, but it was also reported that FBI negotiators received no response from inside the boat?

I would like to see the Federal Death Penalty be used - if ever there was a place for it, this is it - if ever there MAY be deterrence, this is it.

I have these questions because there are conflicting reports in the Media - and because I wouldn't bother anybody closely related to the investigation...say, some of the people in the photos.  I don't know why I am even listening to the media, but my curiosity is piqued.

...some of the big news now is in reference to Miranda Warnings - and whether or not the investigators should have read them.  This is absurd that this is even being talked about.  The suspect has severe injuries, and he is in the hospital.  It would be idiotic to tell him he has the right to remain silent.  There is no issue or conflict here - but I heard NUMEROUS "experts" including Alan Dershowitz, comment that he needs Miranda Warnings, and that investigators are making a mistake.  The mistake is the media and the 'experts' making assumptions, and of law enforcement making ANY COMMENT AT ALL ON THE MATTER.

Worse yet, wayward tardy-gaited canker-blossoms John McCain and Lindsay Graham saying that Miranda Warnings are not necessary, that he could be treated as an Enemy Combatant.  And these are the men we choose to make our laws?  He is a United States citizen committing a crime inside the United States - I think this has happened before.  There is some precedent.

Miranda Warnings must be given when a suspect is *in custody and *being questioned.  Does anybody think they are questioning the suspect now?  If the suspect waves his right to remain silent, *he must do so knowingly (ie he must understand what he is doing - which would never fly after he was SHOT IN THE HEAD AND UNDER MEDICATION).  There is a "public safety" exception - which would only apply here if there was something he could say about further bombs or suspects - and there is no indication (from the media) that applies.

...but wait, lets say they questioned him without giving Miranda Warnings.  What happens? Does he go free?  Do the agents go to jail?  Does John McCain retire?  No.  Those statements are not allowed into court.  Whoa!  Are they allowed in intelligence reports? Yes.  Are they allowed in the tell-all books that will be written? Definitely - with artistic license.

I'm just sayin'....


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

One bullet, dipped in pigs blood, between the eyes.

LL said...

Only on television to officers automatically read a Miranda warning while they are slapping on the cuffs.

However as an aside, a friend of mine actually arrested THE Miranda (Miranda v Arizona) (Ernesto Miranda) for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated after he was released from prison in 1972 and before he was stabbed to death in a bar. I asked him how it all happened. He said, "I read him his rights - per him". Pretty funny - police humor.

As to Boston, I have a lot of questions including the "Mystery Saudi" who is being mysteriously flown back to Mecca on Tuesday. FBI arrested him, why? What was HIS involvement in all this - if any?