Tuesday, September 24, 2013


...and as most of you know, I'm all about awards, certificates, and plaques.  And, I have won again, along with several dozen random bloggers, THIS LADY gave me an award.  And as a winner, I have to answer some questions.  Normally I would tell her to process her request through the fan-club, but as they seem to be very busy at the moment, I will indulge.  Also...I don't feel like blogging that much, sometimes it just feels like beating a dead horse.  Now, I know, beating a dead horse can be very entertaining, after all, they can't fight back.  For example:

...but I digress.

Here are the questions I won:

1.  What's the last great book you read
I have read some non-great books lately.  I can't think of the last GREAT book I read.  I think John Adams was a great book.  But I read that a while ago.  I am currently reading Alas, Babylon, again.  Its a post-apocalyptic written in the late 1950's.  I don't know if its "great," but I recommend it, and like I said, I'm re-reading it.

2.  Who would you most love to meet from blogland?  
I would have to say LL.  Mostly because he has the coolest toys.

3.  What's your favorite go-to recipe for company?
Squirrel cookies made by Mrs. Bannon - they're to die for. Especially for the squirrels.

4.  What's your favorite blog post that you've written?  
I deleted it.  It had personal information in it.  While some people try to 'out' me, and its not that hard, I try to keep my blogging life separate from my super-hero duties.  I'm pretty much a show off, and I was showing off one of my accomplishments in that post.

5.  How many blogs do you read a week? Name a few..
Non-professional blogs, probably a dozen.  But I like to see who reads those blogs, and a couple times a week I go to the blogs of the commenters or followers of those blogs.   I usually start off with LL's blogs, American Perspective, and Woodsterman (rated PG-13)), and then spin off into their readership.  I read another dozen professional blogs.

6.  What do you hope people take away from your blog?
I started the blog to get out my simple thoughts on complex issues.  I hope people (all 4 of them) get out  of it that the 'big thinkers' that run our country (and our states, and our cities) are not that smart.  I don't hold that against them, I hold it against them that they NEVER seem to leave.  Take Newark Mayor Corey Booker.  Not the worst Democrat around - but he has done nothing to improve Newark, and now he is running for US Senate.  Chris Christie too, New Jersey isn't fixed - please don't apply for President when New Jersey is your last job.  I guess that makes it sound like I think I am smarter, but I hope it sounds more like, "we all can be."

7.  What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Coffee. I love coffee ice cream with coffee.  I like to throw peanut butter in there somewhere too.

8.  If today was your last day alive, what five things would you make sure you do?
   1.  First is easy - clear out the local Cinnabon.
   2.  Get a clean body shave and put on nice clothes - I've worked my share of dead bodies - there is hair everywhere!
   3.  Tell somebody where all the money is buried.
   4.  I would spend every minute with Mrs. Bannon, and all the little Bannons.  I've worked alot of hours in my medium-length life, away from family, and I have a thankless job - except they always thank me, they know.
   5.  Probably go to the next Cinnabon down the road, I mean, I might have a stomach ache, but it will all be over soon, right?  Those things are yummy!

9.  What bugs you about other people's blogs?
That's hard.  I guess I don't go back to Blogs that bug me? I rarely return to a blog that seems childish.  For example, if I read a post with ad hominem comments like, "Obama is an idiot, and a Muslim."  I don't need a blog to tell me that.

10.  Do you actually read my blog, or just skim it for the pictures?
I read alot of it. Most of it.  But I'm a VERY fast reader - especially when there are ALOT of words.  I don't need to read every single...okay I mostly look at the pictures.  Just kidding, of course I read it.


WomanHonorThyself said...

wow glad I stumbled across your site..u are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy entertaining dude..Keep up the good fight:) and pass the cinnabonns..:-)

LL said...

Me, Myself and Irene was a great recruiting film for the Rhode Island Highway Patrol. More of a documentary than anything else.

New Jersey can be easily fixed by a neutron warhead. But that's about it. Sort of like Syria-Lite. Hit it in the summer when the "other" people are in the Hamptons.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Race, I know all about keeping personal and blogging life separate except I used my real name.

I know LL, and trust me, you really don't want to meet him. Opie is the one you want to meet ... what a babe.

LL said...

Wow, Odie - I know that I'm ugly but I'm not "First Lady Hideous". Yes, Opus #6, who Odie calls "the Starfish", is very pretty, smart, talented, etc.

Opus #6 said...

Race is correct. LL is the lynchpin. I am a hanger-on.