Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oh, We Believe...

Rush Limbaugh:  "John Kerry gives Assad one week to give up, or face an unbelievably small attack."

Only a Leftist like Kerry can put things this way.  He does not consider that people will be in body bags...just not our people.  He does not consider that there may be repercussions and unintended consequences to attacking another country.  He does not get it, that other people understand him - they just don't agree with him.

He was so opposed to night time raids in Afghanistan, and even accused soldiers in his own war (remember, he was in Vietnam) of acting like Genghis Khan...but the missiles he sends will be during the day, and will only blow up deserving bad people, and the Syrians will thank us, and we don't need a coalition... I bet Kerry never pulled his trigger in Vietnam - and if he did, there was never anybody in the sights.

My thoughts on Syria - I think its complicated.  Contrary to what Kerry says, nobody is considering, or wants, boots on the ground.  But what Kerry and his boss don't realize, is that talking tough, and not backing it up - will result in many body bags (hence the continued use of chemical weapons after the "red line" was drawn).

Only in America can Obama say what he said, push it to the brink, and then punt to congress - and NOT be called out by the press.  What happens if in the next three years Obama wants to use force again - and he doesn't seek congressional approval.  Will he be called out by the press? By Democrats in congress? By republicans in congress?


Opus #6 said...

Somebody take away 0bama's car keys. He and Kerry need to be grounded for at least a year.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Elections have consequences.

LL said...

I'm with Opus#6. Somebody needs to take the matches and the gasoline away from the children at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.