Saturday, August 24, 2013

Life Will Find a Way...

I'm not sure about dinosaurs, but I know this works in many facets

Man tries to restrict or control the actions of other men, and the other men will find a way.

The Affordable Care Act.

Socialists want employers to be forced to provide a "full time" worker health care coverage.

Desired goal:  Anybody working "full time" will have health insurance.

Problem (I'm not going to say "unintended consequences" because I'm not sure of the motives of the Socialists):

1) Employers limit employees to PART-TIME (...maybe not unintended CLICK HERE)

2) "Health care coverage" plans will drop in quality (goodbye dental CLICK HERE)

3) If employers are forced to cover more people, they will drop those they are not (ie Spouses CLICK HERE)

...the list goes on and on.

It didn't start with Obamacare:

I recall working many weeks in college - 39.5 hours.  Was that enough money? No. Would I have worked more? Yes.  Would I have worked more for the same pay rate? Yes.  But the 40-hour work week law forbid it.

Guess what.  Life found a way.  And so did creative managers. I'm sure we broke labor laws...but I ate well...

**Funny - in the movie, the problems start when the computer guy (Newman) feels that he is not being paid enough.  So, he ruins everything (unintended) by trying to steal company secrets and sell them. 


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The libs know exactly what they're doing.

LL said...

And the more that the government tries to control any given market, the more likely that a black market will pop up. (Prohibition is the classic case in point)

Liberals (being statists) want to control everyone's lives outside a liberal power elite who can do whatsoever they please. It never worked. Not ever.