Saturday, August 17, 2013


MYTHS that are portrayed in the Main Stream Media - and swallowed as truth by the public - and by MANY of those on the Right.

One that gets my blood boiling every time, is that the Government shutdown of 1995 hurt the Republicans and helped Bill Clinton.  Really?  That is such nonsense!

If you ask the following question:

Who caused the Government shutdown of 1995, Bill Clinton or the Republicans?

You will get the following answer:

The Republicans.

If you ask the following question:

What caused the Government shutdown of 1995?

You will get the following answer:

I don't know?  There was a Government shutdown in 1995?

In the 1996 Presidential election, nobody, not a single person, went into the voting booth and said "Hmm, Bill Clinton or Bob Dole...well, the Republicans are to blame for shutting down the Government that I despise...I'm voting Clinton!"

Bill Clinton won because things weren't that bad, and...well...Bob Dole.

Barack Obama won because he doesn't confine himself to the truth.  He is a popular guy.  That is why he won in 2012.  Watch the scores upon scores of videos showing clueless voters claiming they voted for Obama because of [ insert principle he does NOT stand for ].

John McCain was the reason Obama was elected in 2008 (just ask Sarah Palin).  But it wasn't Mitt Romney that caused Obama to be re-elected:

McCain       59,934,814
Obama        69,457,897

Romney      60,932,152   (+1 million)
Obama        65,889,560   (-3.5 million)

I'm not saying the Republicans do not have to have a strategy...I'm saying the strategy, NO MATTER THE OUTCOME, should be based on the truth.  Lets face it - the Presidential Election is a popularity contest - you have to be more popular than the other guy, and sometimes the truth is ugly, and hard to face.


George Bush         47,946,000
Whats his Name    41,016,000

George Bush       39,102,353
Bill Clinton         44,908,254
Ross Perot          19,741,065  (add even just 75% of those to Bush, and its an EPIC LANDSLIDE)

Bob Dole           37,816,307
Bill Clinton        45,590,703
Ross Perot            7,866,284  (Yes folks, add it to Dole, and you have 45,682,591...President Dole)

The results of Dole+Perot vs Clinton are eerily similar to what we get in 2000 - close to a 50/50 split.  There may have been one or two, but not three, Democrats who voted for Perot over Bill Clinton in 1996.


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LL said...

Democratic shot callers have more political options because they are not, and have never been, confined to the truth as part of their set of principles.

BUT - It's interesting to see their pre-2014 mid term reaction to ObamaCare amid pressure from unions and even MSNBC, who are hinting that it's a horrible program. They are clearly working to get ahead of the fall out. Because Obama has owned it so completely, they have to spin the mess. And I don't think the propaganda is working for them (and neither do they).