Saturday, November 16, 2013


We have a "discriminatory" health insurance system, where people who are sick or need healthcare, pay more than people who are healthy, or don't need healthcare.  This is what you get when you send your kids to M.I.T.

Professor Johnathan Gruber explains in video below (I hope it loads, good stuff).

It should also be pointed out that we have a discriminatory food system, where those who are hungry, and need food, pay more than those who are not hungry, and don't want food.  

The NFL is highly discriminatory!  Those who get to go to the games and see them live, pay MUCH MORE than those who don't get to go to the game and see them live! 

The entire system is broke!

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LL said...

The running dog lackeys of the compradores of Imperialism must be pulled down and replaced with a "people's" government where the nomenklatura will attend the live sporting events and receive better food and services because it's important to keep leaders happy. That's the only fair way, after all.