Monday, February 3, 2014

Do Not Call it a War...

Many in this country like to focus on the poorly worded "War on Drugs."  Many in this country think strong drug laws are unfair to certain races.  Many in this country feel people should be free to choose if they want to use drugs.

Do not call it a war, if you are unwilling to recognized the casualties:

January 14, 2014
112 Deaths in Ocean County, New Jersey Heroin "Overdoses in 2013

January 30, 2014
US Attorney General Asks Defense Attorneys to Help Find Unfairly Sentenced Drug Dealers

February 2, 2014
Philip Seymour Hoffman Dies from Heroin Injection

February 3, 2014
Dozens of Deaths in Northeast Linked to Heroin

Biased Opinion:

* Sentencing guidelines for crack cocaine should be the same as powder cocaine and heroin and meth.

* Complaining that "we have spent billions" on a loosing "war" is just as silly as calling it a war.

* Calling marijuana a gateway drug does not mean EVERYBODY moves on to hard drugs, it means SOME people move on to hard drugs.

* Those who argue for legalized drugs on the basis of individual freedom, should not make the argument that we should be reaping the tax dollars to grow the size of government.

* Marijuana should not be legalized or compared to alcohol.


* The legal penalties in most states for the "use" or possession of small amounts of marijuana is MUCH less than being found guilty of drinking and driving.

* Hoffman died because he freely chose to use drugs.  So did 112 people in one small county in a small state.

* Under the current Federal Sentencing laws, mandatory minimum sentences for violations of drug laws do not have to apply to first time offenders, do not apply to "user" quantities, and do not have to apply in plea agreements.


LL said...

The liberal agenda has always called for legalization of drugs (almost all drugs). Cocaine would seem to be the President's drug of choice once he grew up, and passed his marijuana phase. It's also the Hollywood drug of choice and they pay for him.

Thus, who can be surprised at the turn of events?

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Chocolate is my drug of choice.

Euripides said...

I still cannot understand the liberal mentality that with one hand tells us that tobacco is evil and with the other hand tells us that we need to legalize marijuana. It stymies the imagination.