Friday, February 7, 2014

Just a Quick Thought...

Less laws, less regulations always seems to be better.  

If you approach an intersection, or a traffic circle, your goal should be to enter, not hit other vehicles, and exit.  However, in our society, more often you get this:

It becomes the distraction that causes the accident.

Do we need "self defense" laws?  I definitely respect the efforts of those behind the laws.  They feel that other laws have eroded what should be an inalienable right…the right to life.  

As usual, the Press doesn't miss an opportunity to miss the facts.

I have only read articles, and watched videos on the case.  It seems to me like this:  Some young black males were driving in a car in Jacksonville, Florida.  They had their music blaring. An older white male driving next to them, asked them to turn it down.  They did.  Then they turned it up.  There was an exchange of words.  The older white male (aged 47….so not "older" than you thought…) shot ten rounds into their vehicle, hitting a 17-year-old three times.

The 17-year-old died.  

The shooter, drove to his hotel room, ordered pizza, and drove 170 miles away to his home the next day.  He never called the police.

The police investigated.  

The shooter was arrested.

The shooter is going to trial.  He will be convicted, and "Self-Defense laws" will win…people should have the right to defend themselves from people like him.

While the shooter may have been driven by his feelings towards the color of the skin of the victims, Justice should be blind to it.  


LL said...

Teenagers are annoying (even to other teens). It's not an excuse for murder and the killer needs a reckoning. Race doesn't enter in to a verdict IMHO.

Euripides said...

Modern liberalism must view everything in terms of injustice / oppression. If liberals took a look at the real world, their dogmas would fall apart in a second.