Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Free Lunch...

From the Daily Kos:

"The good Obamacare news just doesn't stop rolling in…"

Is there any further evidence that they live in their own world, where the truth is what you want to believe?  They are touting the fact that allowing a "child" to stay on their parent's health insurance until age 30, is beneficial to the child in many ways.  I was going write quotes from the article, but they can pretty much be summarized as follows: Not paying for insurance saves you money, and having more money is good.

I will not mention the idiocy of having a "study" to prove that having more money will give you more "options."  Okay, I mentioned it.  I was once asked, "Dad, did you ever pay for something you didn't want to pay for?"  I wanted to put him on his short bus and send him away…but it was very profound.  I think I will ask this of people, and find out just which thing they were happy to part with their money the most?  Insurance is one of those things.  Health insurance is an easy decision…when you are in you 40's.  But at 23, I'm pretty sure I was indestructible.  (BTW, the first thing that I had to pay for that I really didn't want to was a dryer.  My first one came with the house - replacing it seemed VERY unfair.  I remember considering adding clothes lines in the back yard…)

Is it not clear to the Daily Kos that the price of the insurance coverage is not made up by insurance fairies, that the evil insurance company has bills to pay too, just like the Daily Kos does?  That the price of the insurance will go up enough to cover the added costs?

Then there is this tidbit:

"Then there's what the researchers call the "compensating differential theory," which basically says that employer based health insurance holds down wages, because benefits are considered part of compensation, younger people will have the opportunity to get into jobs that offer higher wages but not health insurance. They found, based on the states they reviewed, that women see a gain of about 3.1 percent in their wages from this effect while they have access to their parents' health insurance, and that increase continues even after they age out of that coverage. The increase for men is about 1.6 percent."

That was a study based on States that passed these laws.  Doesn't Obamacare CANCEL THAT OUT!?  An employer is not ALLOWED BY LAW to not offer health insurance!  Were they not listening to Nancy Pelosi?  They passed it, and they are ignoring what's in it!


LL said...

Socialism is based on a grand lie and is designed to play on people's innate ignorance and basic greedy nature.

ObamaCare is the prime example of why it doesn't work and will never work.

Euripides said...

I think Democrats really do believe in the Insurance Fairy.

Obamacare is a disaster to my own income, stealing around $1200 a month from me and my family. I can think of a lot of things I'd rather spend $1200 on than feeding insurance companies in collusion with government.

Race Bannon said...

My plan was dropped (by almost tripling the cost) in 2010. The new plan is okay, but with no pay raises in 3 years…it all ends up costing.