Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fit for Duty...

The US Department of Justice is suing the State of Pennsylvania (…or 'Commonwealth' as they like to call themselves) because the physical fitness standards test discriminates against women.

They (the Federal Government) determined this because a higher percentage of male applicants passed the test than did female applicants.

Duh. It is a physical fitness test.  I'm just saying'…  However, check out the standards that the
Department of Justice requires below.  The point is that once again the Federal Government uses statistics to determine "discrimination," and once again the Federal Government does not compare against its own tests.

I will say this - the federal government lowered the standards for females, and all are not happy - Chicago FBI Analyst Sues FBI, Saying Fitness Test Biased Against Men.

PA Trooper Fitness Test (link):

Vertical Jump - 14 inches, 3 attempts
Agility Run - 23.5 seconds, 2 attempts
300 Meter Run - 77 seconds
Push-ups - 13 repetitions (no time limit)
1.5 Mile Run - 17 minutes, 48 seconds

Federal Government Fitness Test:

DEA (link)

Pull-ups - female minimum 10 (female pull-ups)
Sit-ups - female minimum 51 in two minutes
Push-ups  - female minimum 14 in two minutes
Shuttle Run - 28.1 
2 Mile Run - 17 minutes 56 seconds

* - You get ONE attempt, and you must do MORE than the minimum in several events to pass

FBI (link)

Sit-ups - female minimum 35 in one minute
300 Meter Run - female minimum 64.9 seconds
Push-ups - female minimum 14
1.5 Mile Run - female minimum 13 minutes, 59 seconds

* - You get ONE attempt, and you must do MORE than the minimum in several events to pass

Why would a PA Trooper need to be in good physical shape?

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LL said...

13 push-ups is discriminatory toward women? How does 13 push-ups constitute "fitness" in any sense of the word? And jumping 14 inches (3 attempts)? Really?

PA should be sued for gross negligence for having such low standards for physical fitness. It has nothing to do with women and men.

There should be a requirement for those who fail to take the fork OUT of their mouth occasionally.

Grammi Faith said...

Piece of cake! I mean pass the piece of cake.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I started to do a push-up last week some time.

Race Bannon said...

You want to test your fitness, go try to run 300 meters as fast as you can. If your lungs don't find their way up your throat after finishing - you weren't going as fast as you can...

LL said...

I would have thought that the Philly Police Fitness test would call for consuming a cheese steak while walking 300 M. ....

Race Bannon said...

In Philly you have to be able to outrun the bad guys you stole from…