Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It Could Be Worse...

Loretta Lynch Is Sworn In as Attorney General

At first, when I found out that she had received 56 votes in the Republican controlled Senate, I wanted to know who the Republicans were that voted for her.  I wanted them out.  Then I saw the list, which included Jeff Flake, Kelly Ayotte, Ron Johnson and Rob Portman.  I didn't understand, I wanted to hear their explanations.

And then it was explained to me.  I had heard somebody on the radio say "constitutional crisis", and I thought they were blowing things out of proportion.  The President simply needed to nominate another individual.

Who would that be?  Who would satisfy the basic requirement that Lynch did not.  We wanted the President to nominate somebody who under questioning by the Senate, would acknowledge that the President's unconstitutional amnesty act was…oh wait a minute. Dern it! The President was not going to nominate anybody that would then turn around and prosecute him, or, anybody that would be willing to admit it was unconstitutional but yet not prosecute him.

Can you imagine the meetings with potential Attorney's General?

Loretta Lynch is NOT a "career prosecutor" as many media outlets are reporting.  To be a "career prosecutor" at the DOJ, you have to stay through the low pay (low for lawyers) years and through opposing administrations.  She was in private practice for many years of her career.  That does become difficult for Lynch and others who are promoted from Assistant United States Attorney (i.e. a career prosecutor) to United States Attorney (appointment by President), when a new President comes in.  If you remember, the Democrats made a big fuss about President Bush firing six US Attorneys.  Its traditional to get rid of all of them, and replace them.  Bush held on to some, who then did not prosecute the way he wanted them to, so he fired them.

Anyway, Lynch is INFINITELY better (on paper) than her predecessor…

Hopefully she can stay above the fray.  But with this President…how can she?

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LL said...

If she wasn't a shill, pre-corrupted, they'd never want her in there.

As I said previously -- it's impossible to be a truly "good guy" in the Obama DOJ, or in any other decision making capacity in the ObamaNation. Look at what happened to CIA.

You can't expect good to come from evil. It doesn't work like that.