Thursday, April 23, 2015

Love and Marriage...

Go together like a horse and…and…and something that the horse is comfortable with at this current time.

Oregon's Kate Brown to Become First Bisexual Governor

SALEM, Ore. -- Kate Brown, a Democrat, has served as Oregon's Secretary of State since 2008, and is set to become Oregon's 38th governor on Feb. 18. 
Since Oregon does not have a lieutenant governor, Brown is first in line of succession with the resignation of Governor John Kitzhaber. 
Brown, 54, was born in Spain but grew up in Minnesota. She currently lives in Portland with her husband Dan. She is also openly bisexual and was the first statewide officeholder in the nation to come out with this identity. 
Her sexuality has never been a prominent issue in Oregon, where Portland recently had an openly gay mayor in Sam Adams and where the current speaker of the House, Tina Kotek, is a lesbian.

Just to be clear, Governor Brown is married to Dan.  Dan is a man.  Governor Brown is a woman.

I know what you are saying, yes, it was the first thing I thought of too….August 2004, New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey (a man) boldly stated, "I am a gay-American," as his wife (a woman) stood by him and nodded.  If you remember, he announced this after it was discovered that his Director of Homeland Security knew nothing about Homeland Security…but lots about Broadway plays, and all things Liza Minnelli.

And I found further evidence that Kate Brown is not the first openly bisexual Governor:

See, she "dropped the fraud charge" - so it was not a fraud.  He was a gay-American, married to a female-American woman.

However, to Governor Brown's credit, McGreevey resigned - so I'm not really sure how long he was openly serving?

But back to the point at hand.  Governor Kate Brown is bisexual.  And married to a man.  And again, she is a woman.  So basically she is "currently" married to a man.  But things may change.  Who's to say, with divorce rates what they are, the popularity of the WNBA, that Mr. Brown (I'm guessing he's Mr. Brown, along with the bombshell that his wife may someday want a wife herself, the article only provides Dan's first name, sorry Dan).

I have got to wonder what those vows were like, 'Do you Kate, take Dan, to be your lawfully wedded husband, as long as you both shall live?'  'Well, of course, for now, but I'm not only attracted to other people, I don't discriminate, so I may someday decide to marry somebody else, which may, in fact, be a woman like me. But for now, definitely, yes, I do.'

More importantly…would you cater that wedding?


innominatus said...

Don't forget about the tranny mayor of Silverton (a little town near Salem) who auctions off his/her used high heels.

PS - I defy *anybody* to come up with a true story weirder than that!

Race Bannon said...

Silverton is awesome (or is it Silver Falls that's awesome?) with that little downtown area. I had two thoughts driving through there…1) I could totally live here, and 2) I'll bet this down has a mayor that is a man that dresses like a woman (I would live outside of town, and just visit for the bookstore and coffee and such).

LL said...

Gender confusion should be an automatic disqualification to hold public office. If you're confused about that, you're going to be confused about a lot of things and you shouldn't be making decisions that impact people other than yourself.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'm so confused.

Grammi Faith said...

I'm so sick of all this "confusion" of "who am I" "gee, one day I feel like a man and the next I'm feeling my feminine side."