Monday, November 7, 2016

Voter ID...

 - There is no need for early voting (unless for medical reasons, etc.)

 - There should be no mail in ballots

 - No same day registration

 - Above all  - Photo Identification MUST be required


LL said...

That's correct. And it would solve the problems in many states. In California, illegal aliens get the same ID that citizens receive - a driver's license. The ID requirement needs to be fixed.

A licence to operate a motor vehicle shouldn't be the litmus test for proper identification. In Mexico you have a separate voting card. It's punched when you vote.

Race Bannon said...

Will the real third-world country please stand up..

Euripides said...

The Democrat party thrives on the ignorance of American voters. I hope tonight's results against Hillary is an indicator that there are still some people in the US who aren't complete zombies.