Thursday, November 10, 2016

What a Race...

Have we ever had such a vitriolic presidential campaign?

Yes. Pick up a history book.

In their own words:

Oh, by the way, as things turned out, I have ALOT of pant-suits and tunics for sale, I guess I won't need them, barely worn:

Simple black

Subtle grey

Tactical Tunic


Grammi Faith said...

WOW!! I didn't know that TV was even invented way back then. Those scoundrels!!! Or is it history repeating itself? :)

Euripides said...

Those jackets are the latest in North Korean wear. Perhaps you can export them?

LL said...

Good post.

There have been other bitter contests, but none in our lifetimes, or in the generation before. There was a great deal at stake with this one. The Republic won.

Brig said...

Great post!
Guessing by the size of his watch I'd say the second model is a Navy pilot (wannabe)...