Saturday, June 24, 2017

Am I Missing Something...

John Podesta's emails.

The Russian's hacked the election. They "hacked" into the Democratic National Committee's computers. And they guy's emails.

Am I missing something?

Not doner lists.
Not marketing strategies.
Not Wassermann-Schultz nude selfies (thank God).

John Podesta's emails.

The leaders of the NSA and the FBI testified - the Russians successfully hacked us. And got one guy's emails.

The head of Homeland Security also said the Russians also are believed to be behind hacking attempts in approximately 21 states, wherein companies involved in electronic voting devises were targeted. But, no emails were stolen.

John Podesta's emails.

"Our hackers are as potent as our military...ja, ja, ja, ja..."



LL said...

Either that or Seth Rich gave the Pedestal e-mail to Wikileaks. I'm not convinced that they came from Russia. Rich had access to them. But we can't ask him. Dead men tell no tales.

I'm not saying that the Russians weren't trying to mess with us. They do it all the time and we do the same to them. The plain truth is that the Kremlin was incompetent.

LindaG said...

I wish they would shut up about the Russians. But I don't really hold hope they will.
Even now that they know Obum-Obama knew about it.