Friday, June 9, 2017

Leaker Caught!

It is not Reality Winner, it is reality, loser. The Director of the FBI, whom Trump challenged to clean up the leakers...was a leaker.

But more on that later...

First, I want to know - what is it that the Russians are exactly accused of doing? Hacking? Colluding?  It is pretty much common knowledge that the Russians have attempted to interfere in American elections and politics, and that they are currently attempting to, and they will in the future continue to do so. But what is it the "hacking" and "colluding" that these investigative committees are looking for?

Comey all but explained it. "Spear phishing," he said. Which is to say, they targeted specific people with fake emails. Not the Nigerian Prince emails, but some designed to look official. A dupe opens up an attachment on the emails, and a computer can be "infected."  This is alleged to have happened.

But what is the evidence? What was the results? Are we to believe that the DNC was 'hacked' - and all they got was John Podesta's emails? That was the hack? One guys emails? Not strategy files. Not Wasserman-Shultz's emails (thank God). Not party donor lists? One guys emails? A foreign government, the stinking Russians, hacked the Democrat Party in the year of a Presidential election...and got one guys emails?

"Da, we said, 'Believes us, click here to be big strong American man,' and he did!"

And what of the "colluding?" To do what? What exactly would the colluding, or evidence of it, look like? The Russians helped the Trump campaign...what? You can not fill in the blank because it does not make sense. What does make sense - is that the Democrats (media) want to talk about it over, and over, and over again, without any evidence, or without even saying what it is that they are looking for? I get it - unexplained money in accounts, meetings in secret - but to what end? They met, or paid money - for what? Somehow that would effect the election?

The FBI is looking into the Russians. Because the FBI is ALWAYS looking into the Russians.  Every meeting with a Russian is a chance for the Russians to attempt...fill in the blank. That didn't start with this (obviously the Russians were the ones really getting hacked, and tapped), and it won't end with this.

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LL said...

Dir. Comey had his harshest criticism for President Trump's assertions that he was an inadequate leader of the FBI. He maintains that under his superb leadership, morale in the FBI has never been better. That, he said during his testimony, prompted him to leak.

I have two granddaughters under the age of 8 who can hold their mud a lot better than Director Comey (who is a whiner).

The FBI is supposed to have all of the information that you are asking about - possibly hidden in Al Capone's vault. You need to ask somebody from the FBI. I'm sure that their investigation answered all of those questions about allegations of collusion and election tampering. Even the rabidly corrupt Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) said there is no evidence of anything. - and yet the corrupt, elite, nasty, progressive, smug mainstream media can report nothing else.

As you say, the Russians screw with us and we screw with them. Nothing new there. BUT were Podesta's e-mails outed by the Russians or the late Seth Rich. There is some evidence as to Rich's involvement but we can't ask him because he has a mouth full of dirt.