Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Freedom of Assembly is enshrined as a fundamental right in a Democracy...yet...revolutions are often triggered when a crowd gathers in a public square (see Egypt 2011).

It will be very interesting to see events play out in the Middle East.  Libya...exactly what I would have expected.  Hundreds dead so far.  Yet the protests continue.

There is a murderous drug-dealing thug who lives in a city on the East Coast of the United States.  He, and his supporters, have killed members of their own gang - not for the small amount of drugs they had, not for the cash in their pockets, but for the reputation.  Witnesses say this man robbed armed men of their pistols.  He was unarmed...until after the robbery of course.  Now that is a reputation!

This man is in jail now (as long as the witness against him stays alive).  Tattooed on his stomach is the name he is known by in the hood...'Kaddaf'.  You see, the young black men who fill our prisons are converting to Islam.  For most of them...its not real.  They grow long beards that make them look scary - like a terrorist.  They adopt Arabic names, and they smack their head to the floor to create a mark on their foreheads - as if they were praying.  And as soon as they are released (after they buy a cool faux kaffiyeh) they go right back to their secular, drug dealing, thug lives.

They are recruited by real Muslims, because the Muslims see them as possible allies against the US Government. 

Why is this gang member, who has spent a good deal of his adult life in and out of prison, known as Kaddaf?  One told me, "'cause he be a ruthless killa."

(Not Michael Jackson)

The citizens of Libya, the citizens of Egypt are risking death - for Freedom.  They might not know Freedom, most certainly not like we do.  And, even if they are successful in Libya - like they were in Egypt - it will not look like our Freedom.  But it is Freedom nonetheless, or the longing for it, that makes them lay it on the line.


Mrs. K said...

Are the shades supposed to intimedate?

We live in a scary time but then it is no more scary than when Jesus walked on earth.

LL said...

I hope the colonel ends up hung from a light pole in front of his palace.

(sic semper tyranus)

However, you will recall that he was an HONORED guest in the US the last time he came here. And the US spent a small trove in cash to protect him in the tent he set up to stay in. The commander-in-chief bowed to him...

innominatus said...

Time has not been kind to the Colonel. When I was a kid and the family moved to a new house, I found a baseball mitt in the backyard. Actually it was in the middle of a bush. It had been there a long, long, time and the bush had pretty much grown around it. It looked just like G'daffy's face here.

Race Bannon said...

innominatus - so you're saying it may be Michael Jackson after all?

LL said...

I played a small role in the Gulf of Sidra Yacht Club expedition of 1986 where we failed to eliminate this human louse from the gene pool. The failure was inexcusable, but these things do happen. Reagan gave the Presidential Finding but the minions didn't deliver the goods.