Thursday, February 10, 2011

What works...

I was listening to a liberal today.  He was making alot of sense.  Oh, he was talking about his move towards the right.

People on the right, conservatives, feel strong about their principles.  But, people on the left claim the same.  There are so many hypocrites on the left.  Oh, yah, I guess there's a lot on the right too.  Conservatives believe in a system that works.  Capitalism.  The free market.  Liberals...

One of the reasons we have the president we have - is because the way we choose them.  Our 'elections.'  Can you imagine casting your vote because of what you heard on a TV comercial, or because of a sign on a street corner?  Then why do they spend so much money on that stuff?  Unfortunately, because it works.

Why not have real debates?  Why don't we force them to answer the questions?  It doesn't matter the candidate, the party, when they are asked questions and they don't answer (which is alot of the time) - they should be asked again, the same question.  Mr. Telepromter would squirm, just like he did when talking to Joe the Plumber.  So would alot of candidates on the right - though I would suspect NOT a good chunk of those that were just elected to the House.

I think if the Republican party was smart (and I am not convinced that it is), they would put up a unified front and force a system of debate.  We would lose the Sharron Angle's and Christine O'Donnell's...but didn't we already lose them?  On second thought, this would work better as a Tea Party theme. 

What would you have asked candidate Obama?

Is capitalism the best system of government?  Why?

Name three principles you believe in that support capitalism.  Name three principles you believe your opponent holds that will hurt our economy and why.  (It's the economy stupid, character doesn't matter).

"The Founders' desire to establish a stable, prosperous business climate led to their dissatisfaction with the ineffective government under the Articles of Confederation and animated their inention to write a strong, new federal Constitution in 1787.  Not surprisingly, the resulting document emphasized their commercial concerns:  when laying out the powers of the new Congress, they addressed all the first eight provisions of Article 1, section 8 to the economic system ("power to lay and collect taxes," "to establish...uniform laws on teh subject of bankruptcies," "to coin money," and so forth) before finally covering such matters as setting up courts and raising an army."
 - Michael Medved in The 10 Big Lies About America

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LL said...

US Politics was so moribund as to put forward John McCain as the alternative to B. H. Obama. The system sustains itself because it favors a power elite that seem to benefit from keeping it that way --- and because American's are complacent and unwilling to stand up.

We saw the ice crack with the emergence of the Tea Party (vilified by the mainstream media). It remains to be seen whether the word 'patriot' hold a place in the American heart.