Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And the Winner is...

I didn't watch the GOP debate - can't stand them.  They are not debates, and the winner usually ends up being the person who didn't screw up...which means they didn't really impress either.

I have read dozens of reviews of the debate (READ THIS ONE), and I came away with this:

Herman Cain will fade, but it was great to hear what he DID have to say

Newt's time has passed, too much baggage

Rick Santorum will not stand out enough to win, wonder why he entered

Ron Paul used to have a good message, he's gotten a little long in the tooth

Tim Pawlenty does not want to knock Republicans, good...still too boring.  Doesn't need to juggle chainsaws (though I'd vote for him if he did) but he has to do something to get attention.  I'd take him over Romney.

Romney learned from 2008, but old habits die hard, the only way he wins the general election is on anti-Obama votes, and I don't think that does it

Michelle Bachmann was the winner.  The media has tried to paint her as stupid, and she has helped by not measuring her words enough.  As a member of Congress, I think she's great, like Ron Paul.  I know she would make a great member of the Cabinet - in almost any position.  But her performance in the debate moved her to another level - we'll see if it sticks.

Nice Group!


Mrs. K said...

Don't hold back.

LL said...

Bachmann has potential, but I don't think that she's got the juice to win enough people. That might change with time and exposure. In the past I always found her unprepared and a bit shrill. But I'll keep an open mind.

Is that a 9mm diameter pencil she's concealing in her pocket?

I agree with you on the rest of the pack. Of those, only Romney seems to have any traction at all right now.

Josiah said...

I just keep looking at the list and thinking, "Can we really see any of these knocking off Obama?" So far... No.