Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Bunch of Trash...

...the Main Stream Media fails again to understand a simple issue. A smidgen of research would have not only cleared things up for them, but would have put them on the right side of the argument.  That being said, the change was necessary because our "Top" Law Enforcement and Elected Leaders didn't understand it either...

FBI's New Rules to Give Agents More Leeway on Surveillance

The link is to the FoxNews version of the story, which is the same as most others out there.

"..the new rules would allow agents to look up people on various databases without opening up a low-level inquiry known as an "assessment." Currently, agents have to take that formal step before looking into someone's background and provide some semblance of justification..."

"..The new rules would also allow agents to use surveillance squads multiple times during the "assessment" phase. Currently, those teams can only be used once during that phase..."

"..another change would allow agents to secretly attend up to five meetings of organizations they are monitoring without disclosing their actions internally..."

"...The changes would also allow agents to administer lie-detector tests to and search the trash of potential informants. Currently, those techniques are reserved for people they are investigating..."

I've blogged about this before, as this was just another step in the process - but it seems to make news EVERY step of the way.

The changes are in regards to investigations into SUSPECTED TERRORISTS.  The changes give "powers" to Special Agents of the FBI that EVERY NORMAL CITIZEN, and MOST POLICE OFFICERS already have. 

If you saw the guy down the street, Muhamad Jihad, was acting in a way that made you suspect he may want to cause harm to America - you could secretly go through his trash after he placed it on the curb to look for indications such as personal notes "I hate America," or his downloaded instructions on how to make a bomb, or stuff that looks like bomb making materials.  Any citizen could do that.  A Special Agent of the FBI assigned to investigate terrorism COULD NOT, unless he had approval, and opened a formal investigation.

If the Special Agent got all dressed up, searched the trash, and found nothing - he MIGHT get frustrated:

You could look up Mr Jihad on the Internet, Google him, pay for one of those services that gives you all the PUBLICLY AVAILABLE data on Mr Jihad, such as his previous addresses, etc.  You could do that. A Special Agent of the FBI assigned to investigate terrorism COULD NOT, unless he had approval, and opened a formal and investigation.

I could go on and on, but its pointless.  The FBI did not get new powers, the rules the FBI placed on itself AFTER 9/11 - YES, THESE RULES CAME INTO EFFECT AFTER 9/11, have been relaxed to allow Special Agents of the FBI to do what is legal for a non-Special Agent to do.

I'm just sayin'....again.

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LL said...

There are a lot of COMPLETELY USELESS rules that FBI Special Agents have to follow because their leadership doesn't trust them to exercise good judgement. Theory X management is absolutely the very worst way to manage people who are supposed to be hired based on their ability to THINK.

If the leadership didn't spend 99% of their time covering their ass, instead devoted that time to leading, this wouldn't be an issue.