Tuesday, July 12, 2011


...to Derek Jeter, of Pequannock, New Jersey, for getting 3,000 hits.  I hate the Yankees.

Derek and I were born in the same hospital.  Now, decades later, we work only a few miles apart.

Other things Jeter and I have in common:

In 2011, his salary will be $14,729,365 . . . and I also have a job.


stephen kopp said...

My dear son, do not say "hate" it is so harsh, say "dislike". Just had to sound like a Mom!! :>)

Derek may have a huge salary but he does not have the wonderful family you have and that is so much more important.

stephen kopp said...

AAAHHH!!! this is your Mom, I am signed in on Dad's PC. So the above comment is mine.

LL said...

Maybe you and Jeter were switched in the nursery at the hospital. Fate.

There he is earning $15 million a year to hit a ball (well) and he has to put up with "12 on a 10 scale" women hitting on him every-single-day, media interviews and an army of people willing to kiss his butt.

You're employed, married, with children. I don't see the difference between the two lots in life.

It's sort of like Brad Pitt and me. We look alike, I'm the smarter twin, but there is the burden he carries of all Angelina's adopted kids.