Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pro Life Choice...

Pilot survives night in Lake Huron after plane crashes

Michael Trapp's plane crashed in Lake Huron.  He survived.  The plane sunk, and he treading water for 17 hours. 

I have often wondered how long I could tread water for.  I believe I could do it until I succumbed to something else, like hypothermia, or shark attack...but that I could keep going, not falling to exhaustion. My current record is 10 minutes...1,010 minutes shy of Trapp's feat.  It is actually quite boring.  The 10 minutes was fully clothed, with boots, as part of survival training, and I passed the time by making fun of people that were having difficulties, and swimming around them, pretending to go under.  At ten minutes - we had to move on to the next test.

*Note to self:  If you crash your plane into Lake it in the summer!

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Mrs. K said...

Sorry but the teacher in me has to make a correction. Do not end your sentence with a prepostion. Example: I have often wondered how long I could tread water.

OK that aside, I doubt if I could even tread for 3 minutes wearing only a bathing suit. Even when I was young.

BTW for some reason your blog about Reagan would not stop downloading so I could not post a comment. I did not realize he was past 7 years already...where did the time go???