Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wait what?

Last week, it was big news that "Syrian protesters" attacked the American Embassy...mind you, those were supporters of murderous dictator Bashar al-Assad (how do you say astro-turf in Arabic?)

United States Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford reacted and posted some comments on his Facebook page...then some real Syrian protesters assaulted Ford's vehicle...with olive branches and roses.

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LL said...

When you understand how 'protests' in the Middle East are generally organized -- There is a cadre of people who show up and get paid to chant -- it makes sense. Hillary is in a hotel in Athens at the moment (occupying the entire 6th floor) and hanging out. Nobody is protesting there but there is the daily protest at the US Embassy downtown.

The regime change we saw in Egypt and Tunisia (the 'Arab Spring') was something different. However the televised protests in Syria or Iran always follow the same pattern. Note that they don't attack US diplomats either place.