Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wait for it...

Terror Across France! Seemingly unrelated shootings. . .of soldiers. . .and Jewish school children. 

You don't need an FBI "Profiler", or a highly trained unionized TSA passenger screener, you can do it yourself:

What religion do you think the suspect is?

A)  Christian
B)  Muslim
C)  Buddhist
D)  Hindu
E)  Jewish

What gender do you think the suspect is?

A)  Male
B)  Female

What age do you think the suspect is?

A) 12-18
B) 18-35
C) 35+

Now, this is where it gets difficult...

What do you think the suspect's claimed motivation was?

A)  High taxes
B)  Recent end of relationship
C)  Oppressive French Government
D)  Palestinian conflict

If you answered B, A, B, D, there is a Bonus Question:

What was his real motivation?

A)  The Bible
B)  The Torah
C)  The Koran

...are you still playing?

What does the Media say about it?

A)  No mention of suspect be a Muslim
B)  Right Wing causes
C)  No mention of Jews being killed by Muslims...again
D)  All of the above

Removing All Traces of Islamist Terror from Toulouse Shootings



Mrs. K said...

I don't like test especially easy ones. I think the last answer this is just a guess by the seat of my pants...D.

LL said...

Muslim - Male - 18-35, Palestinian Conflict, The Koran (Qur'an) and of course, all of the above. Mentioning Muslims and any sort of intolerant, bigoted violence isn't something that any media would dare voice because it would bring about the wrath of 'Big Oil' money backing and sitting on the boards of advertisers.

How did I do?

If I got it right, maybe I could apply for a job with TSA, pawing through people's dirty socks and under ware and patting down babies while I let women in hajab pass without screening for the sake of modesty...

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'm good ... How did I know the answers? They're always the same.

jonathan rice said...

I'm either really good at this game or it was TO obvious.

LL said...

By the way - I think we need an update from the Justice Department on the status of Justice where Major Nidal Hassan US Army MC is concerned... Of course, he was merely a martyr for Allah, but there is the mantra of 'justice delayed is justice denied'.