Sunday, July 7, 2013

The President Has Been Notified...

Two Dead, Dozens Injured in San Fran Plane Crash

At this point the cause of the crash has not been made public.  The investigation was "turned over to the FBI," and the media is reporting that terrorism has been ruled out (at which point the FBI no longer cares).

"President Obama, who was at Camp David in Maryland, was informed of the crash and was being kept up to date by local, state and federal authorities, the White House said."

Really.  Well of course, we know that he gets news about what his administration is doing from...the news.  But do we need to be told that he has been told about a single plane crash?  Does the President even know who the head of the FAA is?  Does he visit the White House hundreds of times?  Oh wait, that is the head of the IRS.  Does the President know who is on the NTSB (the people who investigate air plane crashes)?  Did he make recess appointments to the NTSB?  Oh wait, that was the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board).

Can the media please focus on what the President is doing, rather than on what he is not supposed to be doing.

My point is why do we care, that the President was notified?  This is the same President who commented on the Trayvon Martin case early on, saying that if he had a son, he might look like Trayvon (his son would not however, look anything like the hundreds of young black males that were killed in Chicago over the last year)...possibly sticking that thought into the minds of potential jurors.  This is the same President that commented on the Cambridge Police arrest of Henry Louis Gates, saying that the police acted stupid (for arresting Gates for disturbing the peace after he...disturbed the peace)...only to apologize to 'law enforcement' later.

Maybe he really did learn about Benghazi and the IRS scandal from Fox News...

Can we stop notifying him of every little thing that occurs across the country, and can we stop depending on him for every little thing.  Please.

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LL said...

The Commander-in-Chief is a disconnected human being who pursues his own agenda from within the narcissistic fog that he lives in. And for some really odd reason, the mainstream media dwells very near to that point as well.

The President has become like Cher, Alec Baldwin, George Clooney and so many other celebs who offer weird opinions on matters that they are totally unqualified to address --- and the media reports it ahead of legitimate news.