Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zimmerman, Martin, Justice....

Are you tired of it.  I am.  It is a daily barrage of half truths, unrelated concepts and ideas, and what millions of Americans know and how this will be remembered - is being determined by the media that we all despise.  

I haven't paid too much attention to the trial - but just focusing on one issue - I can not believe that those prosecutors...are prosecutors.  I can't believe they represent the Government.  One of them said in the closing arguments, apparently like he has been doing in public throughout the trial - that George Zimmerman is a liar.  With no evidence to support it.  

Stop and think for a minute.  The State of Florida - with billions of dollars at its disposal - is going after a citizen.  The State of Florida, represented in court by this guy, said that George Zimmerman is a liar.  With no evidence to support it.  

There is evidence to cast doubt in Zimmerman's actions, I guess.  You could say that Zimmerman should have identified himself as a "community watch" officer, and said that the "police are on the way," or "I am armed."  But Zimmerman said he couldn't because he was surprised by Martin and knocked to the ground before he knew it - which is supported by Martin's friend.  But you could say that Martin's duty as an armed watchman was to identify himself (yes, I know, that is not the law which proves the point that Zimmerman should never have been charged, and this should never have been tried, and the Judge should have issued a summary judgement).  But his account has remained consistent, and there is no evidence to point to that he is not telling the truth. 

Zimmerman could be wrong. Its possible, and likely, that he didn't identify himself, because Martin double backed on him (as Martin told his friend on the phone he did), startled Zimmerman - and scared the crap out of him.  

But where did Zimmerman lie.  I didn't watch ANY of the trial - so maybe I missed it.  But the Prosecutor, representing the full force of the Government, said Zimmerman lied - based on a theory.  

It is the Government's job to provide evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that a law was violated.  It is the defense's job to prove reasonable doubt.

It is not the Government's job to provide reasonable suspicion based on a theory.  In my opinion, that is unethical. The Prosecutor should be fired and disbarred - and I question the suitability of the judge.

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LL said...

It's been a sham trial, heavily influenced by USDOJ.

In any world that I've been exposed to, Zimmerman wouldn't have ever been charged. The instincts of the police officers who responded to the scene were correct.

Politics played against Zimmerman. If his name had only been Garcia -- it would have remained self defense.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Only in a liberal world when a citizen faces a hoodlum should the hoodlum win.