Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Burden...

"...there's no federal cost in raising the minimum wage.  There's no federal government cost in pay equality. These are policy issues.  The childcare issue probably has to be done in steps...and when the children are in preschool, that frees parents to earn without carrying the burden of childcare."
                                                                                                    - Nancy Pelosi, July 28, 2013

Former Speaker of the House Pelosi is talking about having the government fund daycare.  This is from her website:

Note the second bullet point, "...yet in the U.S., families are generally left on their own for providing child care."  Then read all the solutions.  It is no wonder the country is broke.  And there is no wonder who is to blame.  There is no possible way to fix it with people like her in power.

...and what the hell is "Access to Child Support"?

In the above mentioned interview, she also added:

"And what we want to do is reduce the deficit, and nothing does that more than investing in education."

That part it true Nance, NOTHING reduces over-spending like spending more money.


Opus #6 said...

Leftist doubletalk. Nancy is the master.

LL said...

Statists believe that the state should raise the children (sort of the way that it's done in North Korea) and teach them what they should know -- like a love of Big Brother. It's the progressive vision for America. Have the parents work while they have the kids.

What ever happened to the FAMILIES being responsible for raising their own children?

And you're right. It can't be fixed on a national basis with people of bad faith in office. However on an individual basis, people can still make a difference to their own families.