Friday, January 20, 2017

Starting Today...

...are people really surprised that Make America Great Again won over I'm With Her?

The media has portrayed the inauguration as a failure, democrats are not showing up, nobody will sing, and it is mostly protesters. Just like the election - they got it all wrong. They are selling an image. They will continue to sell it throughout the day, looking for any acts of violence, any racism - and we know from Project Veritas - the Left will be the cause of any, and the media will look the other way.

No matter - its a great day.


LL said...

Today is a day for all America. The bitter hecklers and race baiters will be empowered. However, America spoke. And as you say, it's not about HER, it's about making America great again - greater than ever before - and fixing some of our endemic problems.

Brig said...

full bore MAKA!