Tuesday, December 27, 2011


It is a tradition in the Bannon house to leave each family member's "pile" of gifts from Christmas out until, well, if Mrs. Bannon allows...until New Years Day.  Or the day after.  Then, throughout the week, one can go to their pile, and decide which toy to play with, or treat to taste.

Even with the multitude of Bannonlings, there is enough room, and the tradition has continued yet another year.

While perusing my pile, I decided to read from my copy of Mr. Gingrich's latest book (autographed - thanks Babe!) and found this quote that summarized...well, the fact that we have piles:

"Your situation in life, every one must confess, is one of the great blessing: the providence of God has given you a wonderful heritage, above many of your fellow creatures." - George Whitefield speaking to the American colonists pre-revolution


Mrs. K said...

Your father would NEVER allow the leaving of presents under the tree for even one day after Christmas. What a scrooge!!! Now we don't even have a tree, so the minute we come home from Hope's he is putting his away. I leave mine in bags and boxes all over the dining room just to yank his chain. :>))

Josiah said...

It *is* a side note, but while the question of Mr. Gingrich's fitfulness for Presidency may remain unanswered (to me at least), our American historical heritage certainly finds in him its most well-versed & deeply-immersed devotee/advocate. Or at least the most vocal one. Is he the most ideal representative of our economic or political heritage? If Ryan or Thompson or Christie were running I would answer that. But they're not. And now I'm digressing. Conclusion: Newt's patriotism makes him more palatable.

(...I know. Newt. Palatable. Same sentence. I laughed, too.)

Race Bannon said...

My hope is that if Gingrich succeeds, he will be driven by his knowledge of the huge legacy Reagan created, and work towards placing himself in such a position. The backlash for his comments on Paul Ryan's plan (which included a public dressing down from Bill Bennett) and other poor choices could help.

...but we may just end up with a Romney-Christie ticket.

LL said...

Restraint is something that is not practiced in the LL household. Mrs. LL can resist anything BUT temptation. So the only pile on the floor is torn paper, bits of tape and ribbon once the piraƱas have had at the presents.

However to the quote: "There but for the grace of God go I" - paraphrase - humility as to one's place in life and to the blessings poured down by God, is one of the great side benefits of this time of year when we all reflect on what we have and what we have been given. There is also an implicit trust placed on us to keep and hold safe those blessings of liberty bought with so very much blood and treasure.

Patti said...

what about rick?