Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Win an iPad!

CLICK HERE for a blogger giving away ANOTHER iPad!

By donating to help save an Orphan, you are entered to win. There are other ways to enter...

- 16GB iPad w/ Wi-Fi

(All accessories are Apple products, made specifically for the iPad)
- iPad Case ($39)
(Not only protects your iPad, it also holds iPad in the perfect positions for typing, viewing slideshows, and watching movies)
- iPad Keyboard Dock ($69)
(Combines a fully functional iPad dock with a slim, compact aluminum Apple keyboard featuring special iPad function keys)
- iPad Camera Connection Kit ($29)
(Gives you two ways to import photos and videos from a digital camera: using your camera's USB cable or directly from an SD card)
- AppleCare Protection Plan ($99)
(Service and support from the people who know your iPad best. For up to two years from your iPad original purchase date, the AppleCare Protection Plan gives you:
 • One stop for technical support: Direct access to Apple experts
 • Apple hardware coverage: iPad, battery, and included accessories
 • Software support: iTunes, iWork for iPad, the operating system, and connection to wireless networks
   When you purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan and your iPad at the same time, you'll be automatically registered in the plan.


Mrs. K said...

WOW Race, I think I like you!!! Don't know what I would do with one of those gizzmoze, maybe give it to someone for his birthday, but not sure he would know what to do with either.

Patti said...

UH- what about the darling vintage headbands and sweet mother'daughter aprons??? SEXIST!!

Hadji said...

Patti: Headwear is for girls? Who is the sexist!

P.S. You do not need multiple exclamation points, ask your husband.

nicole said...

This isn't really on topic, but I always enjoy your choice for the playlist Race.

Race Bannon said...

While the winner won't "take it all" in Patti's contest, I thought it would be appropriate...who doesn't like a little Abba in their life? (I know Patti is picturing herself at Roller World, skating backwards, glittering skate covers...)

Thanks for noticing, when I write for the blog, I don't give it much thought - its what I'm thinking, gut reaction. But the music...the music takes me places, places the timid should not go.

nicole said...

Oh my - the visual of Patti skating backwards is hilarious!