Thursday, May 5, 2011

Can switching to Geico save you money on car insurance... the Obama administration bungling a great achievement and opportunity with the killing of Bin Laden?

I often recall a time when I was young and George Shultz was speaking on TV. I’m not sure what position he held at the time, but it’s a good bet it was while he was Secretary of State for Reagan. When asked a question, he answered very slowly, with long pauses. I remember the pauses seemed so long that I thought, ‘wow, he must be old.’ I asked my Dad, “Why is he talking so slow?” He replied, “He is being careful with what he is saying…he speaks for the President.”

With this administration, it seems like there is no discipline. They are all running their mouths about the Bin Laden operation. I can excuse that to some degree…I still get an adrenaline rush when I think about it. However, I don’t speak publicly for the government (some parts of the government FORBID it…for the very reason I am bringing up).

Speaks for the Speechmaker?
What these people need…is to practice some combat breathing. Four in, hold four, out four…whatever works for you. I do four in, eight out, relax four…and then...Pavlov puts me to sleep. (Ladies, think Lamaze…)

Director of the Cia?
The narrative is becoming the changing stories and different accounts - rather than we found the needle in the haystack, we sent a message to anybody who thinks they can run AND hide, or we got some good old fashioned vengeance…

Will they officially release this picture?

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LL said...

The Reagan White House was the essence of presidential decorum. The Obama White House is populated for the most part with young people fresh out of college - because they won't question THE ONE. Whatever. It makes the American people happy.

Leon Panetta made a good librarian in Berkeley. I think he hit the Peter Principle wall there. Now he's moving on to be Secretary of Defense, leaving CIA to Gen. Petreus.