Thursday, May 26, 2011


...if we had a candidate, that didn't care to win as much as they cared to speak the truth.  I was thinking about a Herman Cain, or an Alan West.  Which...they pretty much do.  If one of them campaigned for cutting subsidies (not tax breaks, but true subsidies), limiting the collection of unemployment, cutting the Defense budget by focusing on waste (and its there!), severely cutting the corporate tax rate (corporations don't pay taxes, consumers pay them), getting rid of the death tax, severely cutting the capitol gains tax rate to a nominal fee, and yes - scaling Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to be self sufficient.

...if the candidate had the mindset of 'I'm going to say what needs to be said, and if I lose, then at least America was offered the choice'...I think he just might win.  I think for sure he would win the Republican nomination.

Ron Paul says the right things on the fiscal side, but after that - he goes of the deep end.

Tim Pawlenty says these things - but does anybody hear him?  He got a little traction by speaking against corn subsidies in Iowa.  We'll see...

Donald Trump - he got traction by exactly what I'm talking about, speaking the truth.  But the truth is, he is in it for Trump, and he loves the power too much.

Herman Cain is almost perfect - he lacks the recognition to win, but a good run this time will help.  And YES THEY WILL play the race card with him, but it would be better that race card than the one they usually play.

Allen West speaks truth to power - and he suffers from the same name brand problem that Cain and Pawlenty do.  A full term or two in the House - and the Republicans would be wise to start promoting him.

That brings me to Mr. Gingrich.  Most conservatives (myself included) and ALL media outlets - have written him off.  His comments on Ryan's plan (...oh, I mean his negative comments, not the ones he said before, or since) exposed him as willing to sell out to get the 'middle', the 'undecided', the 'moderate' vote.  For a smart guy - he wasn't smart enough to know that those types of voters don't look for a candidate in the middle, they look for a candidate they believe in (Reagan, and yes...Obama).

So...he's got nothing to lose, because he can't win:  (CLICK here for a video I couldn't embed)

Gingrich: Balance Budget by Cutting Taxes and Government

"...eliminate the National Labor Relations Board, replace the Environmental Protection Agency and repeal the national health care plan..."

"...cut regulations on financial institutions, including eliminating the Sarbanes-Oxley law that governs accounting practices of publicly traded companies..."

" getting people off of unemployment, off of Medicaid, off of food stamps, get them back into earning a living and paying taxes..."

"...eliminating the capital gains tax; allowing companies to deduct capital expenses fully; reducing the corporate tax rate to Ireland's rate of 12.5 percent; and abolishing the death tax..."

"...allow the unemployed to collect benefits for four weeks to look for a job, then would force recipients into a job training program..."


nicole said...

I love this blog! It's the perfect balance of good information, comic relief and music.

LL said...

Pajamas media opined the other day that it might come down to a Romney-West ticket. (not ALL that different than a McCain-Palin ticket)

I don't see Pawlenty's candidacy as credible because he's boring - not because there's anything wrong with him. Gingrich is dead because the Republicans won't fund him and it's a money game - which Romney seems to be able to play. Cain gaffs the interviews on Fox, which are not hard core, which means that he needs to study up on issues. Maybe he'll improve in the future but I don't see him going much farther than he has, and it's not about the color of his skin or the content of his character. He doesn't pack the gear.

Do you think Paul Ryan will get in the race, Race?

Race Bannon said...

Nicole - Thanks, we try...

LL - If I were writing a script...The Republican leadership gets together for a weekend retreat. The media picks up on it, first just Fox, but soon everybody is reporting it. Republicans acknowledge, but no public announcements. The press spies Karl Rove, Frank Luntz...Krystal, Krauthammer...Boehner, McConnell...on the second day, David Petraeus, Mike Hayden are seen, no public statement...also spotted in the area are Rudy Giuliani, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal. People begin to speculate that one of them are in the running, and there will be a consensus on a candidate. Then Rand Paul, Michelle Bachmann and some Tea Party favorites show up...the press is in a frenzy, the Republicans are tight lipped, but talk about unity, core values, etc. The 'retreat' ends without any fanfare from the participants. However, several key leaders are seen meeting the next day with Paul Ryan, and a press conference is called by Reince Priebus. Pawlenty and Romney 'scale back' scheduled appearances, Cain and Huntsman 'suspend' their campaigns. The RNC leader stands infront of Mitch Daniels, Mike Huckabee and congressional leaders and announces full support of Paul Ryan's announcement that he will indeed run for President.

Gingrich and others announce their support...everybody is on point, is on message. Sarah Palin thinks its great that the party is united behind a results driven leader, and no she is not interested in a VP nod. Ryan soars in the polls, Republicans stick to their guns on all matters fiscal.

Ryan announces that he will seek the Presidency and Chris Christie is his running mate. They stick to their core strengh of fiscal security, command of the facts, and run a campaign like they are in first place, no need to focus on numbert two (the first loser).

...its nice to have dreams.

LL said...

T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) wrote, "All men dream, but not equally."

The Republicans could do something like what you suggest, and it would signal a sense of purpose, honor and resolve to put America where it needs to be ahead of their own selfish (and childish) interests.

I'm not holding my breath.

innominatus said...

If Pawlenty would keep saying what he's saying, but do it while riding a Harley over a stack of Code Pinkers, he'd be unstoppable.

WV: "lightwor" Heh.

Race Bannon said...

How do people like Pawlenty...not see it?