Friday, May 20, 2011

Netanyahu visits DC...

UPDATE: Flashback to 2008

Obama:  "Uh, in the spirit of continuing, uh, the instability, uh, not going, uh, to solve..."
Netanyahu: (...there is no way this guy wins another election)

Netanyahu: "Actually, with respect, what you proposed would not work in what the Jews call 'the real world...'"
Obama:  (...I can say anything, and I will still win one more election)

Netanyahu:  "Is it me? Can you people see how he crosses his legs?"
Obama:  (...good thing there are no Republicans like this guy, I'm safe in 2012)

Netanyahu: "So, again, rainbows are real, but there is no pot of gold, unicorns are not real..."
Obama:  (...note to self, I should have accomplished, uh, stuff, before lecturing people like him)

Netanyahu:  "See!  See how he sat in our last meeting!  I think Michelle keeps them in a jar..."
Obama:  "Not only can I cross my legs like this, I can lean way over, and experience no pain..."

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LL said...

Obama's body language said it all.

Netanyahu is a statesman, Obama is not. Netanyahu is an experienced man with a lot of real-world skin in the game. Obama was elected because of skin color, and that's about it.

Israel will do what Israel will do and they're trying to ride out Obama's 'post American presidency' -- as are the rest of us.