Friday, May 6, 2011

Think Inside The Box...

I found my way to this video through the Crossfit mainpage.  I check it daily for workouts...and inspiration.

I am very opinionated when it comes to education.  Public schools are not what they used to be.  Many people who defend them, don't realize this. When I see the teacher's unions protesting in Wisconsin and New Jersey, and the pedestal they try to put themselves on...I'm scared for our future.  When you become a teacher - you have not reached the pinnacle of deserving our respect, admiration and gratitude.  Rather, you have taken the another step towards a long journey of earning those things.

Watch the video below, it's 11 minutes long, but you won't get bored, you just have to commit the 11 minutes.  I watched it with a skeptical eye, and found I agreed strongly with most of it.

I DO NOT believe in ADHD, or any of the like.  I DO believe that just like many things, there is a myriad of causes of 'problems' and each one has its own spectrum of severity or degree of expression. 

Public education is for those who can't afford private.  I fall into the former.  I believe that we have so much untapped potential, and the norm is for people to doubt themselves, doubt others, and live inside false boundaries, that we (or others) created...


LL said...

The Montessori school system was designed around the concept of inspiring divergent thinking. Because despite what people seem to want to believe, all people might have equal rights under the law (in some countries - sorta) they were not born equal.

When schools were run locally they tended to foster individualized education (old red schoolhouse). The farther away from the child -- like Washington DC that decisions are made and the more unions dictate what and who teachers should be, the worse things became.

Sadly, it falls back to the parents entirely these days.
And most of them are too busy to cope with educating their children.

Josiah said...

Well that was the most interesting post of yours yet. If I had something to comment, I would; the video spoke for itself well enough without me.