Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is it just me...


Democrat wins 3-way race for House seat from N.Y.
Loss of GOP district seen as omen on Medicare plan

I read three articles in reference to this election - FoxNews (AP), Washington Times, and CNN.  CNN by the way, actually titled the link to the article "GOP Medicare plan loses in proxy vote."

There were all kinds of Democrat quotes by idiots....I mean there were all kinds of idiot quotes by Democrats - "We don't want to hurt our seniors", "..their plan is extreme, even Newt Gingrich said so" (half of that one is true).

Oh, wait....there were two Republicans in the race, one being a "Tea Party" candidate.  And yes, their vote tallies combined were more than the Democrat.

Republicans just don't learn lessons, Woodrow Wilson, Bill Clinton, etc. (especially ones from New York - the only place the Republicans didn't dominate in 2010) and lest we forget, the seat was vacated by this "Republican":


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